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Google Adwords Keyword Tool Tutorial

 Google Adwords Keyword Tool Tutorial

Google Adwords Keyword Tool Tutorial is an introduction for using Google Adwords for deep keyword research and finding the best keywords for your business. Analysing the results obtained from your keyword research however is not the focus of this article, but will be covered in a later article.

Google Adwords

Google offers an excellent Keyword Tool which comes free when you take out a Google Adwords account. Adwords is Google´s Pay Per Click program which you may wish to consider using for instant traffic to your website. The minimum cost of opening an account is £10, which for the tools that are available to you is well worth the money.

What you may wish to consider is to register for a Google Account first and verify your website. For SEO purposes, this is something you should do anyway. Within a couple of months of verifying my account, Google had sent me a coupon worth £75 of free Adwords credit to try to tempt me into taking out an account. If keyword research is something you plan to do in a few months, this may be worth a try.

Keyword Research Tool

Create an account, pay your money and you should soon end up at the Home tab of Google Adwords. Click on the Opportunities tab, scroll down and click on Keyword Tool on the left hand side. I use this tool like I do when using Wordtracker, to produce spreadsheets of keyword phrases that are on my computer for me to reference at my leisure. Check out my wordtracker keyword tool article. When using the tool, Google offers many alternatives to the keywords you choose. These are great for finding alternative keywords that are related to your business. To keep on top of the hundreds of keywords you will be producing and to stop yourself getting a real headache, I would recommend being as organised as you can. When I search for keywords I start on searching for single keywords, then from these reports, I find double-keyword phrases, and finally, 3-keyword phrases which I will use for my on-page optimisation.

Keyword Reports

First off I would recommend clicking on Views and then Customise Columns on the right hand side. Select All Columns and then Save. This displays all the data that is available from Google Adwords. Next click Relevance just to the left and then Global Monthly Searches. This displays the results in popularity of searches with the most popular being shown at the top. Clicking Advanced Options on the left allows you to change your local location along with other settings, but you will probably be leaving these at their default.

Keyword Selection

With a list of your top single keywords to hand, one at a time, type the keyword into the Word or Phrase box and click Search. After a few seconds, keyword phrases related to your keyword will be displayed in order of popularity. Scroll down and on the left under Contains will be displayed headings of keywords related to the one you typed, along with related recommendations. I turn off everything except the keyword I have typed in. If there are any I feel I would not have thought of, I would make a note of the keyword/phrase for later use. Unselect All and select your keyword. Search through the results, working down the list, checking any that are related to your business. Do not worry about getting it right. Just make sure to leave any that you know are not related to your business. These could include the words jobs, free, books, etc.

Producing the Reports

For some reason Google decides to ignore my selections when I click on to see the next page of results which has been incredibly frustrating until I worked out the way to save my results while also viewing the next page of results. What I do is scroll back up and click the Download and then Download Selected. Change the Format if required, click Download and finally Dismiss. Save the file to your desktop. Now the file is a compressed file that contains the comma delimited file inside. Open this file and before going any further, if there are more keywords on the following page on Google Adwords, then I would recommend viewing them now, selecting the keywords you want and when you get to the bottom of the page, save them to another document and copy and paste the results under the results of the original report. Please let me know if you can find a better way of doing this!

Customising the Reports

When you have all the keywords you need, first thing I do is to remove the Competition column and also any columns that are empty. Next move the Local Monthly Searches which is right at the end to being the third column after Global Monthly Searches, which makes a lot more sense. What this report shows is all the multiple-keywords phrases that are related to the single keyword you were searching for.

Deep Keyword Research

Once you have produced your keyword reports for all the single keywords related to your business, it is best to take a break and clear your head and maybe even sleep on it before working through each of these in turn to find relevant 2-keyword phrases that are related to your business. For each of these 2-keyword phrases in turn, I run the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, which then produces reports of 3+ keyword phrases, and these are going to be the phrases I optimise my website for. So if my top keyword is Marketing, then one of my 2-keyword phrases will be Online Marketing, and from this final report I will use phrases like Online Marketing Articles, and Online Marketing Services. A maximum of 3-keyword phrases is about as far as I would go, unless the keywords include a location such as UK or London, or a qualifier such as Best, Competitive, Free, etc.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool Conclusion

This probably seems like a nightmare task but believe me, choosing the right keywords now will save you from a real headache later. Keywords make and shape your website and the right ones will make all the difference. Anything you do not understand from this Google Adwords Keyword Tool tutorial just let me know and I will help.

Once you get into a flow, there is no reason why it shouldn´t be completed within a couple of days. First search your single Keywords, which really should be no more than 5-10, and then search your double keyword phrases, one at a time, producing reports for each one and naming the report the keywords searched on. Don´t go mad; keep it below 30 reports in total. You are well on your way to producing the perfect keywords for your business.

Social Matador Tip

Keyword research is critical to the success of your business on the Internet. If you take the time to thoroughly research your keywords now, you will already be one step ahead of most of your competition.


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