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Article Writing for SEO Purposes

 Article Writing for SEO Purposes

Most SEO experts believe it is good to be writing articles for your website as part of a link building campaign. Articles are optimised to appear for a certain keyword and at the bottom of the article a small promotional paragraph sells your service or product with a couple of links back to your website. So it is good for visitors and also good for SEO purposes. Best of all even Google approves of it.

Bad Reasons for Article Writing

On the other hand, writing articles solely for SEO purposes and syndicating the content to article directories is doing nothing but adding crappy content to the internet that no one is likely to see. The idea of syndicating articles is for other websites to use your content as their own and this in its very nature means that these websites are going to be pretty crappy too. What you end up with is a lot of websites displaying your content, duplicating the content many times and all of them linking back to your website. This Google doesn’t approve of.

Good Reasons for Article Writing

Writing articles can be a great way to add content to your website. Every business, whether they offer a service or a product, can find something to write about that will give their visitors something useful and interesting to read. They should be written for visitors and not search engines. If you are writing about your business, then it is automatically going to have relevant keywords within its content. If you want to target a certain keyword phrase then make the subject about that phrase rather than trying to squeeze your keywords into the content wherever possible. Articles should become a natural part of your website, which grows with your content.

Promote your Articles Online

If you have taken the time to write great articles, then you need to let people know all about it. If you have written an article that you feel other people would find useful, submit it to places they would like to find it. Submit to a handful of respected free article directories. Remember you should be getting visitors from a variety of sources and not relying exclusively on search engines for your traffic. Ensure you promote your content through relevant social sites. Also mention your content through your social media marketing, guest blogs, forums and news promotion sites if you feel this is relevant. The article will also be in your RSS Feed, notifying subscribers as soon as your new content appears.

Writing Articles for SEO Purposes

Every page of your website should be optimised for your business and articles are no different. Article writing should be viewed as simply adding optimised content to your website which your visitors will find interesting and relevant to your business. So that your visitors know you have added new content, promote your article as widely as you can. After all, Google just loves great content.


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