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Monitoring the Success of an SEO Campaign

 Monitoring the Success of an SEO Campaign

Many businesses monitor the success of their SEO campaign on their rankings on search engines. Whereas a sustained increase in rankings over a period of time for keywords you want to be found for is a metric I would use to help me monitor the success of my SEO campaign, it is far from being the only metric.

Number of visitors to your website

You need to know the number of visitors to your website and where they originate. A good SEO campaign will increase visitor numbers over time and also increase the time they spend on your website. There are many analytics programs to help monitor visitors to your website. Google Analytics is a good place to start and it will not cost you a penny.

Conversion rate of visitors to customers

Unless you can turn those visitors into customers, it doesn’t matter how many visitors you get from your optimisation efforts. A visitor will be a customer if they perform a desired action on your website, such as buying a product, enquiring about a service or registering for your newsletter. A good analytics program will let you track your visitor-customer conversion funnel and analysis will show where conversion optimisation improvements can be made.

Number and quality of incoming links (backlinks)

Where would your SEO campaign be without generating links to your website through off-page optimisation. It is important to monitor the quality and variety of websites that link to your website. You will be waiting for an eternity if you think websites will link to you naturally just for having great content. If you want to beat your competition and you want great rankings for your keywords, then you need to manually increase your backlinks from a wide range of quality sources. A good SEO campaign will do this.

Increase Fans from your Social Campaigns

The internet is one huge social network. Social Search is here to stay and could easily become the dominate factor for internet search over the next few years. Search Engines are already positioning themselves for their own social-slice of the action, and you don’t want to miss out either. Start your social campaign today and start building your presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and any other social site your target market is. Interact and engage. Be visible and transparent. A good social marketing campaign should be increasing your brand outreach and influence on a weekly basis.

Understand what SEO is all about

If you employ an SEO Expert, even a successful SEO campaign can be seen as a failure if you don’t know what optimisation is or what it can do for your business. I have met many business owners with unrealistic expectations of what Search Engine Optimisation can achieve. SEO is new to most businesses, large and small, and until website owners take it upon themselves to understand what optimisation is and what it can do, there will always be doubt to the success of an SEO campaign.

Social Matador Tip

After all, can you trust the SEO Expert who is contracted to optimise your website? Are they doing it for your benefit or for theirs? If you own your business and you want your website successfully optimised, then you need to take the time to understand what optimisation is and what an SEO campaign can deliver.


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