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Should I Stop Performing SEO When I’m Top of SERPs?

 Should I Stop Performing SEO When I’m Top of SERPs?

Yesterday I bumped into a friend who runs his own SEO recruitment company and he said something that I thought was quite strange. He said when a company reaches the number 1 spot on search engines for their keywords; they don’t need to do any more optimisation. They don’t need an SEO anymore. To me this is quite ludicrous, but it brought back memories of when I was self-employed SEO specialist and living in Spain.

Top Rankings on SERPs

While in Spain, I worked on many small businesses, mainly Estate Agents who wanted their websites optimised as quickly and as cheaply as possible. For most of the companies, the only thing that was important was to appear at the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for the keywords they wanted to be found for. Once they were number 1, many thought that was all that was needed to be done. They thought they had done all the hard work and now there was no need for anymore optimisation.

SEO is Ongoing

You can be sure that any website that reaches the top ranking on SERPs for their keywords will be working damned hard to stay there, and that goes for all businesses, large and small. No matter what service you offer or what product you sell, you will have competition online for the keywords you want to be found for.

This competition will always be trying to beat you to that top spot while new competition will be appearing all the time. Not only that, but search engines are continually changing their ranking algorithms. Not all of these will have an effect on your top ranking, but you can be sure over time, if you are no longer improving your on-page optimisation and link building profile, then you will lose that number 1 ranking to a business that is working harder than you to get to that number 1 spot.


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