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Conversion Optimisation

 Conversion Optimisation

Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation both bring traffic to your website. Once that traffic arrives, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) takes over to turn more of those visitors into customers. A conversion is defined as taking a desired action on your website.

  • Conversion Rates of 1-3% are typical for small online businesses.
  • 50% of your visitors are more likely to press the Back button first.
  • Optimisation will help turn more of your visitors into customers.
  • CRO helps visitors find what they are looking for on your website.
  • Conversion optimisation helps to build trust and credibility.

Convert More of your Traffic

There are many types of optimisation and Conversion Optimisation is one of the most important. After all, why spend all that time and money trying to drive traffic to your website with search engine optimisation and social media marketing when the first thing your visitor does on arriving at your website is leave! CRO will help to discover why your visitors decide to leave and provide solutions to encourage more of them to stay.

Understand your Visitors

You may be surprised to find that a Bounce Rate (people who immediately press the BACK button) of over 50% are typical for small businesses. This means over half of your visitors don’t like, or more importantly, don’t see what they are looking for. Conversion Optimisation will help your visitors find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Give your Visitors a Reason to Stay

Visitors to your website will scan your page within a few seconds and this is enough time for them to decide whether your web site offers the information they are searching for. By making sure everything they need to know is easily absorbed and your website provides the right trust and credibility factors, more of your visitors will make it past the first page.

Static Conversion Optimisation improves the usability of your website with the use of clear navigation to your conversion pages. It also involves the reduction of distracting images, links, adverts, etc and improves functionality with good use of relevant keywords and links. Very similar to  Home Staging, this will clear the clutter from your website and leave your visitors with the message you want them to see.

Dynamic Conversion Optimisation is all about improving your web site’s stickiness – giving them a memorable experience and encouraging them to return. Visitors want to engage, share, contribute and they also want content on demand. There are many ways to help keep your visitors returning including blogging, social engagement, Advocacy programs, loyalty schemes, special offers and giveaways.

Contact me today and see how to convert more of your visitors into customers.