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Social Media

 Social Media

Social Media Marketing involves creating a presence on popular social communities such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Depending on where your market lies, this could also include community sites such as Reddit, news sites like Newsvine or even the popular bookmarking sites Delicious and Stumble Upon.

Social Media Marketing takes advantage of the following:

  • Creating an engaging presence on social communities
  • Reaching out to your visitors, turning them into customers
  • Taking advantage of tagging, bookmarking and sharing
  • Promotion through channels such as podcasting and video
  • Creating User-Generated Content through timely engagement

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing offers platforms that help people to share their opinions and experiences with each other. It allows brands to reach their target audience via whole new channels. The days have gone for brands when it was considered a nice addition to have a social media presence online. Your visitors expect to see an active and engaged community surrounding your brand and integrated with your website. If it is not, you are already falling behind your competitors.

Online Reputation

Social Media is user-driven and the user community has enormous power over the reputation of a brand. Do you know what people are saying about your brand online? Online Reputation Management allows brands to monitor mentions of their brand online; to manage negative comments in order to avert potential PR disasters and to promote and encourage positive sentiment.

Social Media is revolutionary and is here to stay. To take advantage of this new technology, brands should be looking to optimise their websites accordingly. Contact me today to discuss a personalised and customised social media solution for your business.