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Online Reputation

 Online Reputation

Businesses should be tracking their reputation online on a daily basis to check for negative comments. You can help yourself to avert potential PR disasters by taking advantage of Online Reputation Management (ORM).

With ORM, your business can do the following:

  • Monitor what people are saying about you online
  • Use comments to your advantage as testimonials
  • Manage negative comments to defend your brand
  • Find, promote and encourage positive comments
  • Promote your news through Press Releases

Monitor your Online Buzz

People are viewing and sharing information faster than ever before with the Internet making it possible for news to travel across continents and to all corners of the world. This online buzz is something that your business should be taking advantage of. If you are offering a product or a service online, then it is likely your customers are talking about your brand. Unfortunately, people are more inclined to leave a negative comment than a positive one.

Tracking your Reputation

Social Matador can help you to track your reputation online by monitoring what people are saying about your brand and where they are saying it. Alerts can monitor conversations 24×7 on Twitter, Social networks, relevant Blogs and Forums to ensure you don’t miss a comment. Be in control of your reputation and build a great brand presence online.

Optimised Press Releases

Why wait for the news to happen when you can make the news yourself. Google News has the largest online news audience in the world, so if you have a company announcement to make, why not promote it online with an optimised Press Release.

Forum and Blog Engagement

Most discussions online will be within social communities, forums or blogs. What better way to monitor and manage your reputation than through your own discussion forum, company blog or a presence on Facebook or Twitter. I can set up a fully integrated blog for your website and also a social media presence, and advise or manage your discussion comments for you. Why not find out more about a personalised marketing solution for your business!